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In 1934, François Clouzot opens a radius immersed in his electricity store  116, Lieutaud's street. Marseille is the birth of Diving scuba and the creation of the first equipment with which an adult monkey would certainly hesitate to dive... First mask, first regulator using as a room air lung motorcycle, etc.. etc ...
Little by little, everything was perfect, thanks to the team of friends and lovers, and when the second  diving shop opens in a store in Paris, François Clouzot decides to call its shop"THE OLD DIVER" (anecdote In 1939, the OLD DIVER has exclusive distribution of gas masks to the 5th, 6th and 7th arrondissement). After the war, the diving is growing, and François Clouzot is the co-founder of the French Federation of Sports Studies and Submarines (FFESSM) and the World Confederation of Underwater Activities (CMAS). He then became the first editor of the journal Federal.
Until 1967, the store is a small shop with a single employee (a lovely secretary). Pierre Vogel, a multinational framework, buy the sociaty and, 30 years later, it is the most important equipment shop Diving recreation in the world, with a modest figure of 3 million euros for the trading part, 20% of exports, 40% store and 40% correspondence (Marseille from 15 to 20% of sales) and employing 18 employees.
In February 1998, the death of his father, Patrice Vogel, after 21 years at the Old Diver, took over the management and development company with, among other things, the rise of the first French website selling diving equipment (created in 1996).
A truck traveling toured France, at the request of the dive, to preach the gospel of Old Diver and present the greatest number of the most comprehensive range of diving equipment diving.
Since its inception in 1934, the Old Diver has evolved from pioneering status in the store leading distributor of diving equipment, enjoying the confidence of the biggest clubs in the provision, and the Board maintenance of their fleet.
Our conditions of auction very particular with, among others, the sale 15 days trial, guaranteed spare parts and service for 10 years, the loan of equipment for repairs, etc.. led us to be uncompromising not only on the quality of equipment sold, but also the service and the delivery of spare parts manufacturers. That is why, if we distribute the material of the largest manufacturers, we may also refuse to sell some of their products or certain brands when we can not guarantee a timely manner to provide a service worthy of behalf.
We further agree to try all the equipment we sell ... and sometimes we make surprising discoveries such as:
- The regulator which oxidizes in seawater ...
- The computer not notify you if you exceed the depth of the bearing ...
- Stab with glue dissolves in chlorinated water ...
- The palm upscale is less effective than mid-range ...
- Stab who stubbornly keep you head in the water surface ...
- Etc.
Do not hesitate to contact us at any time for information or advice relating to the passion that drives us all, diving, we will be happy to answer and help you.

Patrice Vogel
Old Diver team.